Monticello Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

When filing for workers’ comp, there are several things that can happen. One is the approval of the claim and that means no having to deal with denials and appeals. A second one is the denial of the claim, which brings about a number of issues on its own. The denial can be the result of there being doubt surrounding how the injury occurred or whether or not the injury is severe enough to prevent a person from working.

The good news is that the Walz Law Office can work with you on your case so that you may not have to deal with questions regarding the validity of your claim. The work that is done is to ensure that the evidence is sufficient enough to answer questions before they are asked so that you are approved without having to go through the appeals process.

Appealing Denied Claims

Denials happen for various reasons, but they are common. If you, like others in Monticello have experienced, are denied, that does not mean that it is the end of the road for you. You can appeal the decision. Your Monticello workers’ compensation attorney will evaluate why the claim was denied so that the necessary proof can be shown and the decision reversed. Yes, it does take longer to receive your benefits when you have to appeal, but the good news is that you can still receive your benefits so that you can continue with your recovery.


The benefits that are received from workers’ compensation are designed to help you financially and medically so that you can recover from your injury. You receive 2/3 of your gross weekly wage and medical benefits that are covered by the workers’ compensation insurance provider that your employer pays a premium to. If it is found that you cannot return to your job because of your injury, you can receive vocational rehabilitation so that you can learn the skills to perform another type of job.

So even if you have been denied, it is important to not give up so that you can receive the benefits that you deserve. It can be frustrated to be denied, but the Walz Law Office will work hard for you to secure that approval that you need for the sake of yourself and for your family. That way you can pay your bills, receive the medical treatment you need, and also possibly re-train so you can enter into a new career field with many other opportunities for you.

Contact A Monticello Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Even if you are just wondering whether or not you are entitled to workers’ compensation or you know that you can make a claim, you should consult with your attorney to get the answers that you need. The Walz Law Office has the answers to your questions and can help you every step of the way. All you have to do is call (320) 251-5000 or toll-free at (888) 253-3922 to schedule a free consultation.