Workers’ Compensation Process

When you seek workers’ comp benefits to recover lost wages and the cost of healthcare after being injured on the job, you need the legal representation you deserve by a St. Cloud workers’ comp lawyer who is experienced with Minnesota workers’ comp laws.

At the Walz Law Office, you can receive that representation. You will be given the guidance and individualized attention that you need throughout the entire workers’ compensation process. You will also be advised throughout the entire journey so that you are always informed of what is happening in your case. This also helps you make educated decisions when the time comes.

Thorough Workers’ Comp Representation

The workers’ comp process starts out with you notifying your employer of the accident within 14 days of the date of injury. The exception is an occupational disease that occurs years after exposure. However, you also have to seek immediate medical attention. When your employer is notified, they will complete and submit the First Report of Injury to the State of Minnesota.

Your doctor then helps you get the Report of Work Ability form so it can be submitted to your employer and their workers’ comp insurance company. This form has much to do with the recovery of wage loss benefits. Other steps in the process include:

  • Get the legal help that you need to recover compensation. If the insurance company has denied the claim or approved it for less than you deserve, an appeal can be filed. If you are filing your claim for the first time, you need to file within 30 days of the injury but should do so immediately. If the employer is harmed by the delay to file, eligibility could be void.
  • Once the employer has filed the First Report of Injury, the insurance company has 14 days to investigate the claim and decide whether to approve or deny it.
  • If the insurance company denies it, they must notify you in writing as soon as possible.
  • If you haven’t yet contacted an attorney to help you, you can get legal help to file the appeal.

The Legal Representation You Need

The entire Minnesota workers’ compensation process is on tight deadlines. It is important to adhere to those deadlines so there isn’t a negative impact on your claim. At the Walz Law Office, you will have an experienced St. Cloud workers’ comp lawyer working with you who knows the deadlines so you don’t have to worry during one of the most stressful, painful, and chaotic times of your life. You have an advocate in your corner every step of the way.

Contact A St. Cloud Workers’ Comp Lawyer

If you have been injured at work due to no fault of your own, you may qualify for workers’ compensation benefits. With the help of an experienced attorney, you can receive those benefits sooner than later so that you can start the healing process and move on with your life. To learn more about how the Walz Law Office can help you, call today at (320) 251-5000 or (888) 253-3922 to request a free consultation.