Sauk Rapids Workers’ Compensation Attorney

If you’ve been injured at work, you may be wondering if you have a case. The Walz Law Office works hard to investigate the cause of your injury and the extent of it so that it can be determined whether or not you should move forward with your workers’ compensation claim. This is the first step to learning the options that are available to you. You don’t have to worry about your employer finding out about your conversation with your Sauk Rapids workers’ compensation lawyer. In fact, no one has to know.

Fighting For Your Compensation

There are a number of issues that you may be experiencing that could warrant a workers’ compensation claim. You want to talk to your attorney if:

  • Your doctor has told you that your injury is work-related
  • Your job duties resulted in an injury or an illness
  • You have a repetitive work injury, such as carpal tunnel
  • You were exposed to chemicals at work
  • The workers’ comp insurance company denied your prescribed treatment
  • Your claim was denied
  • Payments stopped prematurely
  • You lost a loved one and were denied benefits
  • You have not received your full payment

If you have experienced any of these issues, it is imperative that you contact the Walz Law Office as soon as possible so you can get the compensation that you deserve. Although workers’ compensation seems relatively cut and dry, that is not always the case. There are issues that can come about and you should never have to deal with them on your own. Not handling them alone is why you are allowed to have a lawyer work by your side.

Taking The Stress Out Of Your Claim

Another important aspect of utilizing legal help when you are working to have your claim approved is the stress relief that comes with an attorney. Instead of you having to do all of the legwork while dealing with all of the health issues and other problems you have on your plate, your attorney is an advocate who has your best interest at heart. You can expect for any gaps in your case to be closed so that the chances of your claim being denied are reduced. This can speed up the approval process so you can start receiving your payments and move forward with your life.

Contact A Sauk Rapids Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

You are probably confused and wondering what you need to do next after your injury. You’re out of work, you need to focus on your medical care, and you also have bills that need to be paid. Unfortunately, bills are hard to pay if you’re not working. Fortunately, workers’ compensation provides you with the money you need to live and the Walz Law Office can help you get that money so that you can move forward in your recovery. To find out more, call the office at (320) 251-5000 or toll-free at (888) 253-3922 to schedule your free consultation.